The Journey……….Reflections

The Journey……………..Reflections


Today’s writings are entitled ‘reflections’.  It is written as a means of looking back over the past couple of weeks and the “process” June and I began with our journey three weeks ago.   Our original intent was to look at our ‘Rule of Life’ both as a couple and individually (see Journey……Spirituality}.

We find it critically important to have a morning free of stress, spending time with each other.  Additionally,  I personally need time to be alone.  We have used several devotion books having a direct connection to Biblical passages to help achieve this objective.  One of the things we want to do was to be a part of the culture and the people to help with this aspect of our journey, daily we would pray for someone special ( special did not have a descriptive)  to come into our lives along the journey.

We also embraced Oliver Wendell Holmes great quote:  “it is not where you stand that is most important but the direction you are going ,” this though became  the platform for daily functioning.   On numerous occasions this concept actually became a point of discussion in a lighthearted manner., i.e. “Now, what direction are you going?”  It is within this context that today’s blog is written.

After a ’ Friendly’s’ (June’s favorite  restaurant from her youth) send off we headed to the town of Sandwich, Massachusetts   After a lengthy stroll through Sandwich observing the beautiful churches built out of the Anglican tradition and  houses dating back to the late 1600’s, still in great physical condition and with a touch of charm which would make any of today’s home owners envious, we departed for Yonkers, New York.  I noticed June was unusually quiet as we left her girlhood home of Massachusetts.  This was a time, I felt sure, that her mind was being flooded with memories of the past few days.

A commemorative statue for Union troops. Similar statues for confederate soldiers are seen throughout the Southern states. Unusual occurrence in the Northern states.

After two hours of driving we stopped at one of the RR Stations that are characteristic of Connecticut.  Basically they are a food court with every type of food you can imagine, and trying to find a parking spot was a challenge.   Once inside, we joined the great throng of people who had also stopped to get a bite to eat.  The place was a beehive of activity, and it was evident that June and I were experiencing the world from a minority’s point of view.  The ethnic representation was varied with Asians and Latinos the predominate groups.

Back on the road again we came to our exit to the hotel in Yonkers when June with dismay said; “Oh, no, I left my wallet purse at the last stop.” The last stop being the RR station was 100 miles north of our location. Her wallet contained credit cards, driving license and a large sum of money she had been saving  for our travels.  Immediately I telephoned the credit card company and placed a freeze on the card.   Thinking I could get some help, I telephoned the Connecticut Highway Patrol hoping a patrolman could go by the restaurant, perchance the wallet was still at the place where we ate.  The dispatcher was kind and gracious but told me that all the patrolmen in the area were working a multiple car accident on I-95N and it would be at least an hour before one would be free.  She spent considerable time locating the RR Station’s telephone number and then wished me luck in locating the wallet.   I telephoned the Restaurant and asked to speak with the manager and related our situation.  His remarks were “can you describe the wallet?”  That was easy to answer for June had made the wallet and it was very familiar to me.  Secondly, he asked “can you give me the name of the person who appears on the driver license?”  Another easy question.  His next comment was received with exultation, “I have it right here.”   I asked him, Marty, to go through the contents and with each of my questions, going item by item, his response was, “it’s here”.  Every single item was still in the wallet including all of the money.  Coincidence or a ” patch of Godlight”.  You be the judge.   We also found out the wallet was returned by a young Filipino girl.

June and I arrived in Yonkers  four hours later than intended and very tired from the driving.   We had experienced an unusual day.  A day that could have created enormous stress.   After reflection we agreed we had encountered three special people.  The dispatcher from the highway patrol  and her graciousness in assisting us, Marty the manager from the RR Station , who also insisted we have something (courtesy) to get back on the road. Thirdly, a young lady whose honesty was refreshing.   We smiled and sang the Halleluiah course in the parking lot of the hotel.

June and Gary

        faith is a lifestyle not a mindset”

Church in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Architecture is a fairly common style for churches built in the late 1600’s


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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