Reflections…………………………….Pride Month

Gary Coker

The lady at the cash register asked me if I would like to make a contribution to the Human Rights Campaign. Her request caught me completely off guard. My reply was, “exactly what is the Human Rights Campaign, and how is the money spent?” Like me, she was caught off guard and could not answer my question. In my quest for understanding, I can only say, if anyone wants to know what is happening in our society you need to look no further than the Human Rights campaign labeled, Pride Month.

My research, limited as such, informed me that Pride Month is the product of the LGBTQ+ community and has an entire month on the national calendar allowing parties in the streets, rainbow flags posted in windows, websites, and other commercial ventures. I was ‘flabbergasted’. Let me think this through. Recently, the statue of one of my heroes, Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States, the President who is responsible for the designation of most of our Federal Parks, was found offensive and removed from the public square. President Lincoln and Washington are given a full day for the celebration of their contributions to our country. Likewise, Martin Luther King has a day of celebration. The LGBTQ+ alliance has an entire month to party in the streets. And this street party is enabled by the countless commercial ventures that post rainbow flags on their windows and websites.

Do we see what is happening to our culture? It is a basic fact of history that if you control time and space, you also control the culture. Sexual identity is a biological construct, not a social order that our society is trying to make it. The obsession of the day is taking pride in one’s sexual identity. We cannot underestimate the power of what this signifies.

The time has come for every church, and especially Christian schools, to take a stand for Biblical truth or collapse into the ‘monoblob’ of progressive ideologies. We must stand on our convictions and face the blast, otherwise, a little bit of surrender will lead to an eventual collapse. Churches have to come out of their ‘holy’ huddles and speak the truth in word and in deed, unashamedly. Be prepared for accusations of hatred, discrimination, intolerance, and indoctrination. Trust me, what is happening in the ‘public square’ is to indoctrinate young children and teenagers into their worldview. The moment of truth is coming for organizations, especially the Christian schools – be prepared. Do not be surprised if the forces of this ideological change, i.e. Worldview from a Biblical Worldview, come from agents of surrender within.

A few days ago I was outside after a rain shower. Across the sky was a beautiful rainbow. It was quiet, gentle, and filled with beauty. There were no storms to disturb the beauty of the moment. It was for me a gentle reminder, that, ‘In the beginning, God created male and female, male and female He created us’. When He finished He said, “It is good.”


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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  1. Gloria Chandler says:

    I think we are all tired of this LGBTQ being forced on us. It is time for all Christians to take a stand on refusing to acknowledge their beliefs. Thank you for calling on all of us to be prepared to take the heat for our beliefs. The goal of their agenda is to destroy our country and our way of life. We cannot continue to allow this to happen without voicing our belief that this is wrong and is a slap in the face to the God we honor as the creator and sustainer of our faith. We must all come together and pray for guidance in directing our actions.

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