Gary Coker

As I sat and watched the NCAA basketball games I could not help but notice emblazed on the side line was the word “Equality”. I think I know the definition of equality but fail to understand why the word was on the sidelines of a basketball court nor the implications. As I watched the basketball game it was evident that equality does not mean equal distribution. If it did the 10 players on the court would have been equally distributed between ‘white’ players and people of color. Not so, there was only one white player on the court. I can assure you I will not notify Nick Sabin, Alabama football coach, that the team’s offensive line must have equality of race. So, I can dismiss equality as it applies to sports. In sports, performance is the main criteria. What a novel idea. Isn’t that the principle for democracy?

Equally fascinating, as travelers boarded a United Airlines flight, the passenger asked the airline attendant, “did the pilot get his/her position due to gender, color of skin or for being the best applicant for the job”. “WOW! Did he say that?” I immediately had a flash back to the early 1970’s when I was tasked with the job of recruiting new teachers for a state school in Tennessee, and the Superintendent told me our next applicant had to be a person of color—not the most qualified, mind you, but a person of color. At the same time as this employment practice was widely prevalent, SAT and ACT college entrance scores were set at a different level, lower, to allow more diversity in college admissions. This lower score did not apply to Caucasians or people of Asian descent.

Here we are in 2021 and the same issues with which we were previously confronted are before us again. However, this time around equality has expanded. Sexuality is now front and center, and the definition of equality includes gender identity allowing biological males, who identify as female, access to locker rooms, bathrooms and showers. As of this writing, I have not heard or read of any females trying to go inside showers or locker rooms designated for men or boys. If these changes were not enough, EQUALITY now defines what we teach our children as well as the freedom to live out our religious beliefs in society.

The Equality Act before Congress is despicable. Instead of equality it would forever tip the scales of justice against the Judeo-Christian beliefs that have undergirded our nation for centuries. The legislation opens the flood gates to apply federal civil right laws to public schools and church-based ministries including Christian schools and colleges. Can you imagine the impact of a mandated curriculum requiring first, second and third graders to choose to be a boy or a girl, or neither? Can you imagine ‘genderless’ restrooms in public schools. Women’s sports would be devastated. Our society would go over a moral cliff. Every Christian’s understanding of marriage and sexuality will be eradicated.

Beware!!! The pressure to pivot will undoubtedly come. The process will be slow and gradual and will eat away at the moral fiber of who you are. It will be easy to remain silent.

Be prepared!! Be sure you know your beliefs. You are about to be challenged unlike never before. You must decide where you stand. Joshua:24:15