My friend’s son, Johnny, attends the local preschool program for four year old.  His teacher Eddie (he likes for the children to call him by his first name) is his idol and hero.  He especially likes for Eddie to come to the Gary_paintingplayground and play the various games they all enjoy during recess.  Johnny tells his father that after recess Eddie accompanies the boys back to the restroom where he assists some of the boys who have not quite mastered the restroom responsibilities.  He also has to assist the girls during the restroom breaks.

At the conclusion of the last school term teachers were encouraged to bring their spouses to the end of the year picnic.  This was the first time Johnny had met Eddie’s spouse, Fred.  Johnny thinks Fred is real “cool” and announced to his dad when he grows up he wants a ‘wife’ just like Fred.

Today the Supreme Court has dealt a profound injustice to the American people by striking down in part the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.  The Court got it wrong.  The decision places a large hole in the Judeo-Christian principles that were the foundation of America’s existence. The Court failed to respect the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.  The preservation of our  founding principles requires that all laws respect the Truth.

Natural Law given to us by our Heavenly Father declares an ‘Order” for civilization to be prosperous.  There is a Heavenly Order we Christians refer to as the Trinity.  An order for marriage……for this reason a man and woman shall leave their parents and become one.  An order for the Church….Pastor, elders/deacons and congregation.  An order for government—Godly principles, chosen leader, the people.   Each of these institutions is presented with an order by which they should function.     History has taught us when the order i.e Natural Law, is broken chaos emerges

Genetically speaking each of us carry chromosomes labeled ‘X or “Y”.  At conception when two “X” chromosomes unite, the sex of the child is determined to be a girl..  If an “X” unites with a “Y” chromosome the sex of the child is a boy.  The anatomical body parts are formed accordingly.  In this order of creation does God make a mistake?  Did he really give the anatomical parts and genetic makeup of a boy to a girl.  Or did he make a a similar mistake when he gave the anatomical parts of a girl to a boy?

Our culture has taken for granted for too long what human nature, experience, common sense and God’s wise design all confirm:  the difference between a mom and dad matters and is especially important in the raising of children.

When Jesus taught about the meaning of marriage – exclusive union of husband and wife—He pointed back to the ‘beginning’ of God’s creation of the human person as male and female (see Matthew 19).

My friend’s son Johnny has a very impressible mind. Ask yourself “What lessons are being taught to Johnny as he goes about his everyday life with the role model of his teacher?”   Our society, in the name of equality, has stepped outside the ‘order’ for life and division will occur unlike any we have witnessed.  We the people need to stand steadfastly together in promoting and defending the unique meaning of marriage;   one man and one woman.  It is never wrong to do what is right.


A writer who writes recreationally finds most of the material from the day to day events that rekindle thoughts that come from who knows where.   There are times when the brain is flooded with nonsense syllables that do not fit together and definitely do not have a plot.  Usually the writer will write this mumbo-jumbo and toss it into the trash can.  However there is a topic association that allows the reader to perceive the words and gary's blog picturesentences from his/her own set of experiences while adding meaning to the thoughts of the writer.  So it is with this writing, an attempt to empty closets of the mind.  For you the reader, thank you for joining in this exercise.  You will have to stay with me as we ramble.   There are no ‘wrong’ perceptions, they belong to you.  It can be fun if you read each sentence with your mind in ‘neutral. ‘Vicarious ‘experiences are encouraged.  I challenge you to sit with someone and read each of the following and have an open discussion concerning the comments before proceeding.    Here we go…………………. 

“He has heart”, “his heart is not in it”  “my heart is broken,” “my heart has a rapid pace,”  “is the heart and the soul the same?”  Interpret each of these comments,  And you say………….. 

“Yesterday when life was young, there were so many songs to be sung…….”. And you say………….. 

The largest battle is not in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Chicago but in every city and country  in the world, an unseen battle rages for the minds of the youth and dominion over God’s creation and the souls of people……….”  Do you agree, explain your answer. 

“The common view has become a failure………….”Take a philosophical approach to this one.

“Socrates, the ecclesiastical historiographer, reports a story of one Pambo, a plain, ignorant man, who came to a learned man, and desired him to teach him some psalm or other. He began to read unto him the Thirty-ninth Psalm, “I said, I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue. Having passed this first verse, Pambo shut the book, and took his leave, saying that he would go learn that point first. When he had absented himself for the space of some months, he was demanded by his reader when he would go forward. He answered, that he had not yet learned his old lesson; and he gave the very same answer to one that asked the same question,  forty-nine years after……..” Before responding read the statement again………now you are ready.   Explain and defend your answer.

Before going any further go back and read the opening paragraph of this blog and place your thoughts into the context as presented.

You the reader are saying I have too much time on my hands, …….. O’ yes my friend I love retirement.  A hot cup of tea and the presence of friends  would warm my heart. I would love to hear what your ramblins were to the thoughts presented.