Executive Search Ends

Executive Search Ends…….New Chief Executive Officer Appointed.

In an earlier communique we had shared the personnel search for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) had been narrowed to two candidates.  The selection for the new CEO was decided November 6, 2012.   It is now the responsibility of the new executive to bring together this large and complex, and much divided organization, into a viable organism.  It is noteworthy the new executive has a difficult task due primarily to the adverse circumstances left to him by his predecessor of the past four years, namely, high unemployment rate, increased indebtedness, bulging welfare rolls, lack of law enforcement with illegal immigrants, denigrating foreign policy and runaway spending exceeding revenue.  Additionally, there is a prevalent morale problem throughout the organization resulting in an impasse on practically every issue.  The task is large but not impossible.  The new executive has the opportunity ‘to start anew and flourish.’

General Recommendations for first year:

  • Develop a four year Strategic Plan with clearly defined objectives and time lines addressing indebtedness and spending. Revisit the previous bi-partisan Budget Committee’s recommendations and implement as quickly as possible.
  • Begin with a new cabinet and staff that can address the needs of the Strategic Plan, being careful not to give preferential treatment to groups or organizations.  (it is important to remember you are the CEO of ALL people and not  a select group).
  • When appointing new staff and cabinet members, diversity in thinking and concepts are imperative for good decisions.  When all individuals appointed share a like mindset,  weak decisions and indecision will be the outgrowth of such appointments.
  • Eliminate the concept of Czars and the circumvention of the legislative process by using Executive Order to bypass the constitutional function of the legislative branch of government.  You, as the duly elected CEO, should keep in mind the role of the three branches of government and let it function as originally intended.
  • As the CEO you are commissioned by the Constitution to uphold all laws.  Selectivity of which laws are enforced is not a prerogative.
  •  An unbalanced annual budget is not an option.
  • Focus time and energy to the task before you.  Leadership must be directed to the immediate needs of the organization.  Staying focused is extremely important.  Use your extraordinary talents and verbal communication skills to communicate directly to the constituents.  Institute a bi-weekly press conference, lead by you for the first year, outlining behavioral objectives. It is not necessary to be perfect.  It is necessary to be truthful.
  • Develop a six member team of legislators, three from House of Representatives and three from Senate to brainstorm issues that are before you.  The meeting should occur without the press or other staff members and held monthly.  A meeting site away from the capital would be preferable.  Camp David would be excellent.

The recommendations are broad and should be developed strategically your first year in office.  They are not intended to be all encompassing but to bring stability to the leadership of the organization which is sorely needed.

We the people want you to succeed and our prayers, thoughts and best wishes go with you.  We will be your best cheerleader, and in areas of policy  disagreement we will voice such  disagreement with constructive criticism.  We ask that you put forth your best faith effort without spin or partisanship.

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