Ramblin………………………………Oh, Good Grief

Ramblin…………………………….Oh, Good Grief

gary's blog pictureCharlie Brown, Charles Schultz’ ‘Peanuts’ character, would become frustrated with his friends Lucy and Linus and in exasperation say; “oh good grief.” This was my exact sentiments when the Congress failed to act on the debt limit and continuation budget proposal. Instead of bringing closure they adopted what has become the cliche of the year—’they kick the can down the road.’

Most organizations have a mission statement designed to tell its employees and constituents “who they are” and “what they are trying to achieve.” Out of the mission statement is an abbreviated statement usually referred to as the company’s “motto.” For example the highly prestigious Stony Brook School in New York has a very well defined mission statement with a motto of “Character before Career.” This motto says to everyone Stony Brook is more concerned with who you are rather than what you are.

The United States of America established a mission statement in the Declaration of Independence which reads in part…..”We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Additionally, the United States has a motto and it appears on our currency, and is inscribed in many forms on monuments and buildings in Washington, D.C. “In God We Trust” is the motto of the United States of America.

The debacle we have witnessed the past several months and which will repeat itself in the coming months does not prescribe to the mission statement nor the motto of the United States. Lets take the statement “all men are created equal.” In addition to being one of our country’s guiding principles, you will find in the midst of the Federal buildings and in practically every courthouse in America, a statue of a blindfolded lady holding a measuring rod with two equal weights on either side. We have all seen this statue which is fondly referred to as ‘lady justice.’ The statue usually carries an inscription emphasizing “ equal rights in the eyes of the law.” The question has to be “what is so difficult to understand about this concept?” Nevertheless we pass a health care bill that differentiates between different segments of our society.” This obvious discrimination in favor of labor unions and party favorites defies our mission statement, our motto, and logic.

Let’s not forget our motto; In God We Trust. Is this just a nice saying or do we really mean it. Have we asked God how He feels about our proposals and actions. You don’t have to look very far to find the answer. “You must not deal unjustly in judgment: you must neither show partiality to the poor nor honor the rich. You must judge your fellow citizen fairly. (Leviticus 19:15). “You must not have different stone weights and different measuring containers, anyone who acts dishonestly in these ways is abhorrent to the Lord your God.” (Deuteronomy 25:13-16). These are only two references in the importance of not showing partiality. What conclusion would you draw concerning our country’s motto?

The second major conflict in the last several months and seems to continue is really a puzzle. It not only defies our motto and mission statement it goes contrary to Economics 101. Let’s see if I have this correct. I want to increase my credit card limit in order to buy more ‘things’ for which I have no money to pay. Never mind, we will let our grandchildren worry about paying. We have been doing this for some time now. You only have to ask, “how is this working?” Did I miss something” Oh Good Grief.

These two examples are only two of many ways we have circumvented our mission statement. Usually when a company or organization goes astray from its intended mission an executive meeting with all responsible parties is forthcoming. Unfortunately that is not the case. It is evident we do not have a monetary or spending crisis. It is equally evident we do not have a discriminatory and/or political crisis. Both of these are by products of a much larger crisis. The United States has a crisis of ethics. We have lost our soul.

The properly ordered soul places “reason” at the forefront of decision making. “Come let us reason together.” Our government has been overcome by personal passion, a passion that places political party ahead of reason. We are experiencing a “ethical lapse,” and what we see in government and business, is moral relativism replacing moral truth in our every day lives. O’ GOOD GRIEF.

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