Luke Coker, age three months

Recently my grandson and I were sitting on the front porch discussing the crisis in the Middle East, the present economic situation, and the way technology is transforming our civilization. The conversation was difficult primarily because I could not get Luke’s mind off of his next meal, staying dry and his afternoon nap. I worry about Luke.

I not only worry about Luke and my other grandchildren, I worry about your grandchildren. I worry about what they will be thinking a generation from now about foundational issues. How will they describe their faith? How will they define ‘family’? How seriously will they hold to the Bible?

With the passing of another birthday I am forced to confess that my peers and I are past the point of having our thinking given much validity. I have reached a point where I see more of my peers in the funeral home than in everyday life. Oh, we can give our children advice and they listen. But changing their most important thoughts, probably minimally.

Our grandchildren are a different issue.   Here is where we seniors can make a difference. I have decided to begin pouring myself into areas that can impact our society. First, my generation was a generation where church, its teachings, its fellowship, times of worship were essential to the community at large. Basically it gave us roots. Roots are essential for life. I hope you will join me in strengthening the witness of this body, especially to young people. Grandparents, take seriously the God-centered education of the younger members of your family. Don’t quit, write the teachings on the doorpost of every grandchild.

Secondly, to have an impact with your grandchildren there must be some form of an attachment, a bonding, a sharing, and a personal relationship. Too often our relationship is limited to attendance at a school function, an athletic event or having a meal together. As important as these activities are they limit the time for you to nurture the values that are so important for the generation. To accomplish the goals needed, your grandchild must get to know you and who you are. The values that made our generation are being placed on the back burner and not being passed on to the current generation. The baton is being dropped.

Today make a goal to spend some time with your grandchild on a regular basis, just the two of you. Even better  would be for you to plan a week together next summer doing some activity that involves you as a participate not a spectator.  At these meetings it is not necessary to talk about ‘the good old days’ or how it was when you were a child—  be present in the present. You get the  idea. If we are to impact the younger generation it is important  for you and your grandchild to be together so you will have the opportunity to share those values, morals, and guidelines essential for a productive life. Your grandchild needs what you have to offer. Be the messenger.






Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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