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A writer, maybe more appropriately a ‘blogger,’ strives to express himself through his words.   What he writes is the way he sees life and how he wishes others could see and live life. I endeavor to convey the things that are important to me—–the closeness of a family, the warmth of friends, times and places in history that helped shape our heritage and those special times and special people that touch the heart.  Underlying it all is an enduring faith in a loving God.

Each ‘blog’ I write begins with a thought, a set of circumstances, an event or something special that has come into my life and stays in my thoughts until released in words. I cannot think of a time when I said “today I am going to write.”

Taking these thoughts into consideration I reviewed 2014 and combined some magical moments with some quotes I have found to be thought provoking.  You, the reader, will have difficulty  establishing a “base line” but you can apply your own thoughts.


Gary at Seaside Beach in Florida

“I thank you Lord that I am placed so well,

That you have made my freedom so complete;

That I am no slave of whistle, clock or bell,

Nor weak-eyed prisoner of wall and street.”    

…………………………………………Badger Clark

Hannis Port, Cape Code, Massachusetts

Hyannis Port, Cape Code, Massachusetts

Long may this land be bright with freedoms Holy light,

Protect us by Thy might, Great God our King.



June at Golf Shores, Alabama

JUNE - Peyton_football_2013_edited-1

Peyton, Natalie and  Kyle’s son, in football game

                  ………..a moment in time.


Granny with Kyle’ and Natalie’s foster children

Oh , Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good .

grandchildren Sewanee

Gary and June with foster grandchildren ,Uriel, Lucy, and Brian atop mountain in Sewanee, Tennessee

JUNE - IMG_2751

Kris, Luke and Rebecca Coker

June, Gary on back in woods

O’ the memories, how sweet they are


Luke Coker, Kris and Rebecca’s son.

JUNE - IMG_3596

Kelley, Adie and Kerry

JUNE - IMG_3552

The Coker Boys, Kerry, Kyle and Kris

JUNE - Claire_homecoming_2014_edited-1

Claire Coker (on right) homecoming court Hebron Christian School.

                            There is a land where the mountains are nameless, and the rivers all run, God-knows where”


I wonder’d lonely as a cloud, that floats on high o’er vales and hills———- Adie in the midst of daffodils in Sewanee, Tn

Thank you God for tea! What would the world be without tea?  How did I exist?  I am glad I was not            born before tea.                                                                                              


June and Gary –Hilton Head Lighthouse

JUNE - 2014-12-14_13.16.11

Kyle and Natalie with four foster children and biological children Claire and Peyton

                                                                                                            “The  gentleman and the ocean.”        It doesn’t  get any better.                                                                                               


Granddaddy and Luke

To most onlookers this profile would appear to be a collage of pictures.  However, to me they represent stories.  Stories of life, joy and happiness.  For this we are thankful.


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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