confederate graveyard

Confederate Graveyard, Natchez Trace, Mississippi

A lone statue stands at attention in full dress uniform in the courthouse square. A descendant of a confederate soldier places a small confederate flag as a memorial at the gravesite. Both of these scenes are in jeopardy of being curtailed or at minimum looked upon with distain.

The United States subscribes to a democracy with three equal components, i.e. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Add to these three a fourth component that has equal, if not greater, persuasive power……the media.

down south

“Dinner on the Ground.” Old South

The recent debacle concerning the flag representing the Confederate States is a classic example of the power of the media. It also serves as a reminder of the hypocrisy that goes uncontested. Additionally, it highlights a remarkable double standard.

Islamic terror has been on the rise for decades. Yet over that time the media, through government officials, asked for tolerance and understanding. I hasten to add no one condones or makes apologies for the barbarity we see with with ISIS, ISIL, Hamas or Hezbollah, but there has been a herculean effort to put Islamic extremism in “context.” Even President Obama stated: the West should not get on its high horse about today’s Muslim atrocities given Christians committed atrocities eight centuries ago.” And, let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s foray aimed at an obscure film maker who made an offensive video about Islam.

Southern store

Recreational Activity…..Old South

I agree there is no reason to fly a Confederate Flag at a State Capitol. However, the media supports the total eradication of this historical symbol. Frank Snecker, after the church killings in Charleston, South Carolina said, : we can only expect more of such racist, deprived acts in our future.”

This comment, and others, was met with a rush of retail outlets eliminating anything related to the Confederacy. Long time historical figures have been removed or destroyed as a result of a one-sided viewpoint promoted by the media.

It would be an improvement if the media could eliminate its double standards. Personally I think fellow Americans deserve some of the nuance and understanding many of our officials reserve for the Islamic extremism. I like what Jonah Goldberg of the National Review said: “if you’re going to take your zero tolerance for symbols of the 19th century so seriously, maybe you should show the same myopic zealotry with regard to the forces who are enslaving people right now.” Amen!!

worcester12sandwich 002

Statue of Union soldier located in Sandwich, Massachusetts

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