Is the sun rising or is it setting?

Today I received several unexpected cards from local businesses, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, and Sonic. Each of these cards contained a gift card entitling me to a special treat. The comment inside of the card said; “We want to help you celebrate your birthday.” What a nice gesture. Frankly, I had anticipated my birthday would go mostly unnoticed. And then I received a note from my friend Stephen Bottcher who told me my birthday was a ‘big deal’, and the longer you have been around the bigger the deal. I have been around for a while so it’s a real big deal.

As I look at the accompanying photograph, I definitely see the sun rising. With that viewpoint, I have moved the bar higher. I will continue to be mindful of body, mind and spirit and exercise each component on a regular basis. I will take Stephen’s advice and remember everything that happens good on my birthday will be a “big deal”, after all it is my birthday.

Reflection has become one of my favorite and enjoyable pastimes.  As I celebrate another birthday, the social media of Facebook and other technological advances make contact with friends easier bringing to the forefront memories and an array of reflections. It is this process that produces mental gymnastics returning me to those earlier days, if only vicariously.  It is also this type of experience for which I am extremely grateful and find myself guilty of riding down the road of life looking in the rear view mirror. I wish I could have a giant ‘party’ with all the people who have crossed my path.  Suffice it to say, I certainly have enough memories to last a life time.

As I look to the new year I do so with optimism and a sense of expectation.  I hope you will join with me as we travel the road of life, if only technologically. I will enjoy the ride, and, perchance, if in someway or somewhere we could walk together that would be special.  I wish for you God’s richest blessings.

Remember, If no other place

than in your own mind,

Your birthday is a big deal.


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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3 Responses to Reflections…………………..Birthday76

  1. Joy Motter says:

    Always look forward to reading any reflection from your heart and life journey!! As God would have it, the timing is always divinely appointed, helping me choose wisely the next turn in the crossroads on the horizon of my pilgrimage. I find myself yearning for an unhurried conversation with you and Mrs. June over coffee. . . to help me determine what my next step in life should be. Maybe someday. . . . .

  2. srbottch says:

    Gary, I am honored that you found affirmation in my blog message and used it to help celebrate your own. Most importantly, you ‘got it’. Our birthdays aren’t necessarily important to others, but to us, our own is a ‘big deal’. And remember, everything good that goes on around you today is in your honor. I bet you’ll be wearing a big smile all day. Happy Birthday!

  3. Joyce Payne says:

    All birthdays are special because they’re all a gift from God.
    When I was a child my parents celebrated my birthday with me, when I grew up, I would celebrate my birthday with them. It was my way of saying “thank you” for my birthday and to thank God for choosing such a good mama and daddy for me.
    Happy Birthday! May this be the beginning of a wonderful year and may each day be filled with a glorious sunrise and sunset “just for you”

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