Gary Coker

Meteorologists and astronomers tell us we will experience a “Christmas Star”, an enormously bright celestial event that hasn’t occurred in hundred of years, not since 1226.  For the star to shine as brightly as this one will on December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will need to align by only .1 degree.  The image will appear as one star.  Scientists tell us that the planets won’t align this closely again until the year 7541,  but you can only see it about 30 minutes after sunset!

I am sure many people will have their binoculars and stand in awe of this amazing, brilliant star lighting up the sky. 

This season of coronavirus has, in a sense, put everyone into a dark kind of wilderness, the likes of which we haven’t experienced before in our lifetimes.  As the word of vaccines begin to emerge, it is though a light has come on and we begin to feel hope.

God knows, we are a people who need light.  We need to live, to work, to function, and to feel alive. Light for us is hope.  Light for us is life. 

May the LIGHT of Jesus Christ shine in your life during this Christmas season and continue throughout your life.


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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