The two of us, my lifelong friend and myself, got in the car on a Saturday morning with no destination in mind. We were nostalgic and wanted to visit yesteryear.   Where should we start?  Immediately we realized we were brought together by parents who believed in living a Holy life with the church the center of our early years.  It wasn’t just our lives, practically everyone we knew lived lives around activities at the church or in some way related to the church. This was the footprint of our early years.

It was quite interesting as we rode together on the road to nowhere we began to reminisce of those early days with comparisons to today.  We hear reports of increasing alienation in America.  People are separated from their families by thousands of miles.  We no longer pass family histories and  real traditions from generation to generation.  Yet we yearn for a sense of connection as never before. 

My friend and I both agreed that much of the needs expressed by today’s generation are the same as we had  growing up.  We laughed when we were talking about our first date with a girl was sitting in church.  Our first ‘real date” occurred after Sunday night services and “piling” in a car with other couples to go to the ‘tastee freeze”. My friend and I spent the day looking at “footprints” of our lives.  We concluded the day sitting in the town square in the town of Covington, Georgia.  This was a familiar area for the two of us.  As we sat and observed the hustle and bustle of people going into the various restaurants, deli’s, ice cream shops, we noticed two young girls were holding hands with an elderly couple praying together. With tears in our hearts we smiled………………………………………..

As I look at the wealth of information from travels, personal articles, books, presentations and materials, I see footprints from my life. Your life will leave a trail of stories and memories in your wake. Our desire should be that we will be remembered, not for who we were or what we did, but for Whom we lived.


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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  1. srbottch says:

    As I look back on my Life, Gary, I’m reminded of the good I’ve done by the positive words my kids write on every birthday or holiday greeting card. The verses are nice but the personal messages are a testament to how I conducted myself around them, making them a better in the process. I’m sure you see the same from your young men. It’s very moving to experience their feedback, don’t you agree.

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