Reflections…………………. Say it is not so?

My immediate reaction was, “you are kidding me?’ Say it is not so. The Biden administration

has issued a mandate forcing colleges and universities to open their dorms, bathrooms, and showers to members of the opposite sex. This is blatantly unconstitutional unless you believe no one should be discriminated against for their sexual gender. But now, the Biden administration is trying to FORCE colleges to violate their religious beliefs and allow men and women to share dorm rooms …..and even showers.

The directive applies to all colleges where any student can apply—even religious colleges that turn down every cent of federal money. That means there is no way out.

In nearly eight months President Biden has spared no effort in attempting to insert a radical agender and identity ideology into federal policy even if that means disregarding religious freedom—and common sense.

Most colleges with a faith-based philosophy believe sex is unchangeable and operate their dorms accordingly. This is the straw that breaks my back. The government and The President of the United States have waded into the deep end of the pool where this mandate does not belong. You are not going to tell me the government has a right to tell me/us that we can’t honor our deeply held biblical convictions.

It’s time for believers everywhere to send a clear message to the Biden administration. We will not stand by and watch as you trod on our religious freedom…I hope you will join with me and stand strongly on this mandate/philosophy. The ramification for us and all of America is destructive to our way of life and our God-given philosophy/theology…


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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