Gary Coker

Two days ago I fell, for no reason at all.  I just fell. I wasn’t hurt or anything.  I lay on the floor in shock.  I was surprised.  I had not been dancing.  My shoes were tied. Had I become one of those people who just falls?


In perspective, I was a very active young elementary student, run…. run….run.  never falling. I played high school and college sports and running for long periods of time was part of life.  In my early 20s, I began to run for fitness and fun, running two-three miles on a regular basis.  I have never ‘just’ fallen.  In fact, I have friends who talk about falling for no reason.  Yes, I say subconsciously, doubting their every word. Falling without reason is something that happens to old people.   Have I become one of those persons who fall for no reason?

The literature is filled with research and opinions on what we need to do as we age.  Stay active, get a good night’s sleep, eat your vegetables……………..and the list goes on. 

When I talk about aging, I am not talking about the horrible stuff, the serious diseases or conditions.  I am talking about things that are mainly just annoying but also mystifying in that they show up without warning.

I really embraced the recent research in the Harvard Medical review that states………….. You can slow cognitive and aging decline ———-and live longer—— socialize more.    After a period, when the participants took a series of tests, they found the participants who interacted more frequently with people, especially friends, performed better on the cognitive and physical tests than people who interacted less frequently.  They also found that cognition improved when participants who did not have much regular contact with family or friends increased their contacts.:  

The results are self-evident.  Make regular contact with people, and socialize as often as possible.   Go to the morning coffee with friends, and co-mingle with church friends after church and during the week.  Do not become a recluse and stay in your house.   Have a group of social friends who you meet and greet on a regular basis.  Play cards or table games on a frequent basis.  Anything to bring you in contact with other people. 

I am going to broaden my activities, and if I don’t fall again it is because I am too busy with my friends doing…………………………





Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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