Tis the Season

June, my wife, could quickly get the ‘pack rat’ of the year award.  She treasures notes, letters, and especially cards.  I could pull from ‘strategic ‘ spots and find Christmas cards from the beginning of our marriage. As unusual as that sounds, recently, I found myself going through cards, letters, and “keepsakes’ from her storage bins.

Laughing and giving June a hard time for her habit of  ‘pack ratting’, she reminded me that all these notes, letters, and cards were notes of friendships.  She quickly told me how much she treasured all of her Christmas cards. Each one was from someone special she’d so much like to see.

The ensuing conversation reminded me that many cards came from people we seldom see because they live far away.  Their cards are like a friendly smile that brightens Christmas day.  It is like a gift wrapped with love, each a yuletide treat.

As of this writing, the weather is bitterly cold, with expected snow and ice.  June and I are thankful for these cards that come each year with their precious notes of friendship and greetings.

We wish you all the joys this season brings – Peace, good health, and lots of love.

June and Gary




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