REFLECTIONS…………………………………..Who am I?

Living on a college campus, as I do, every day is an adventure.  I participate in two or three discussion groups regularly.  The topics of these groups have a broad range of subjects and can be challenging in themselves.  This past week, out of nowhere in particular, one of the participants asked me, “Coker, who are you?”  It took me off guard as I gathered my thoughts. ” Who am I’?  I almost answered, “Can I get back to you on that,”  I knew that would be a cop-out.

Many years ago, I started a process that I have continued to this date.  When in doubt or  when in trouble, I pray a voiceless prayer to myself:  “Lord, I need you right now!!”  After my unnoticed silent prayer,  I repeated the question and said out loud, “Who am I?.”

Not the exact wording, but my response covered a myriad of thoughts gathered from readings and individuals.  To a large degree, they are the sum total of my life’s experience.

I answered his question somewhat philosophically with a discussion on each topic.  Afterward, I reflected on those comments and share them with you so you can also answer the question, “Who am I.”

  •   God created us, Male and Female.
  • believe that a child from the beginning of life, including the time spent inside the mother’s womb, has inherent value.
  • Marriage is the union of one Man and one Woman.
  • Religious Liberty is an inherent human right.
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God.

You can imagine the questions and discussions surrounding each of these topics.  Although varied, I could answer the questions because of my inherent beliefs.  I know who I am!!  I do not have to go to battle in a discussion or with disagreement.  “this is who I am.”

So why tell you, the reader,  in a blog?   I think it is inherent in us to “know who we are” and be able to articulate the answer to this question and do so with conviction and love.  I encourage you to answer the same question, “Who am I” and formulate your answer and be prepared when “who you are” is questioned or challenged.



Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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