My new vocabulary word is PROGRESSIVE:    In a society that appears to be deteriorating from the inside- out, I constantly hear the word PROGRESSIVE. Recently while discussing world events with a group of friends, one of the participants wanted to know if the church I attended was a ‘traditional’ or a ‘progressive’ church.  To my dismay, I had to admit and ask, “What is a progressive church?   “What is the definition of a progressive church?”  Not wanting to be a simpleton, I sat and listened to a definition of progressive that was foreign to me.  I had a similar experience with a group of educators discussing the social and emotional curriculum that had recently been initiated in the school where they were faculty members. Social, Emotional, Curriculum??

Our founding fathers landed on the coast of North America to establish a new country.  This new country was to be free of any form of dictatorship concerning religion. It did, however, without question, subscribe to the Judeo-Christian principles as outlined in the Bible.  These principles could be readily observed in the church and everyday life, including in schools. Whether your church was Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ, Catholic, or any other name, the Bible was your platform and philosophy governing everyday life. There was no progressive Bible. There was only one Bible.  Equally important to the church, the principles we learned in the church were the bedrock of our behavior at school and everywhere else.

There is a seminary on the campus where June and I live.  Daily, I  meet some seminarians in the cafeteria, gymnasium, or other places.  I enjoy the discussions and the exchange of ideas.  Recently, one of the potential priests and I were discussing his tattoos.  His body is covered with tattoos. Accordingly, he shared with me he planned to have a ministry in the inner-city of New York, and the tattoos placed him in a better position to “witness” to other people with tattoos.  He used the word progressive as a description of his ministry.

I asked the potential priest to go to the local Ace Hardware and buy a gallon of paint.  On the way back to the campus, stop at the first church and take the lid off the paint and throw the paint on the side of the church. “REALLY!!  Really!!” was his response.   “Yes,” was my response.  “You have taken a gallon of paint and thrown it all over yourself, God’s temple, your body.”  Progressive??  Maybe not the best example, but a point is made.   I have been informed the biggest difference between a progressive church or any other organization, including your own value and /or behavioral paradigm, is the acceptance of gender difference as it relates to marriage and participation in sports.

Culture is dictating our moral values at home and in our schools. The Apostle Paul became concerned about some of the same issues and wrote the book to the Galatians.


  “When you lose all sense of common sense, you become senseless,”…coker



Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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