The Journey……..

August 20, 2012

The Journey……..

    If you wish to live in peace and harmony with others,    You must learn to discipline yourself in many ways.

                                                                                                                Thomas A Kempis


Two years ago June and I decided we wanted to journey across America and embarked upon a trip across the upper Midwest (the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana) and parts of Canada.  What made this adventure a journey rather than a vacation was the fact we did not have a specific destination.   Rather we wanted to enjoy the trip and the surroundings more than a specific place.  We are now ready to resume the journey to include the eastern portion of the United States.

Leaving Sewanee, Tennessee our journey has a different dynamic.  What makes it different  is our search for what Jan Karon called ‘Patches  of Godlight.’  Patches that are found in the environment, culture and  people. June and I will take a pilgrimage that includes examination of our spiritual life. We are aware Inherent in this process is the fact that old habits are hard to break, and no one is easily weaned from his own opinions.  But if you rely upon your own reasoning and ability rather than on the virtue of submission to Godliness you will seldom attain wisdom.

If you would like to follow us as we make our way across the country I will be posting, on somewhat of a frequent basis, our experiences at    Our  first stop is in Glade Springs, West Virginia where I will be playing in the Georgia Seniors golf tournament.  Secondly we arrive in Harrisonburg, Virginia and spend time at James Madison University.  Next is Paradise, Pennsylvania and three days living on a dairy farm in the middle of Amish Country.   From Paradise we travel  to Worcester, Massachusetts to rekindle June’s childhood with relatives she has not seen or visited in many years.  We move from Worcester to Cape Cod and begin a circuitous trip down the eastern United States with stops in Providence, Rhode Island and Annapolis, Maryland where we will spend three days adjacent to the Naval Academy.  We will arrive back in Greensboro, Georgia three weeks later.


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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3 Responses to The Journey……..

  1. Holly Pointer says:

    Dr. Coker & precious Miss June,
    I hope you have a fabulous trip! You both are very special friends and we look forward to reading about your travels! Have lots of fun and please be safe!
    Love to you both,
    Holly, Tom, Hannah (12th grade) & Tate (9th)

  2. Sheila Kelley says:

    This sounds like a fabulous adventure you are about to embark upon. I’m looking forward to traveling vicariously with you on this journey. Godspeed!

  3. Joy Colwell Motter says:

    As I read your words. . .I can hear your voice and the complimentary duet of Sweet Mrs. June’s. . . making yours all the more powerful!!!! It is so kind of you to share your desire to deepen your spiritual growth with us. . .yet I find myself asking. . .how could one who ushered me into such depth of truth POSSIBLY need to go deeper? The answer? If he, then I too! One of my 50th birthday gifts was The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennen Manning. I have found in its pages my “second invitation” from Christ to distance myself from the religious legalism and condemnation that has so wounded me. . .and embrace anew the authentic, merciful, unconditionally loving God without whom I cannot breath!!! I will be entering Chaplaincy Training in January 2013 so that I might have the privilege of taking the authentic Christ into the workplace. May Patches of Godlight dapple your path and thereby leave you forever changed for the good!!! Love, JOY

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