The Journey—Spirituality

The Journey………..Spirituality

Today June and I actually loaded the car and began the process of traveling with our first stop in Kingsport, Tennessee.   It was quite astounding as we began the day and observed in our back yard a mother deer with her twin fawns.  It was apparent this was the first time the two had been away from the protective environment where mother had them safely placed.  Their exuberance and excitement could hardly be contained as they jumped, bounced, and gleefully ran around.  Mother was in the process of nurturing, disciplining, and feeding them as only a mother could do.  (A patch of Godlight).

All Saints Chapel—University of the South

Everybody’s Got Religion

Not everyone may frequent the CHURCH, but we each have a

place of worship.  For some, it’s the OFFICE. For others, the MIRROR.

However, to worship anything less than God robs both Him and us.

            …..Louie Giglio


As I watched the Olympics I was amazed at the level of accomplishments demonstrated by the athletics.  Particularly, I sat in awe of the precision divers as they came off the diving board and entered the water.  Imagine the number of times they had to practice in order to reach that accuracy.  For sure, when taking a page out of a text book concerning conditioned learning and brain function, it was not something requiring a lot of thinking on the day of the events.  It had become a pattern and the brain was on automatic pilot. 


Research literature is quite clear that each of us is tri-dimensional; body, mind, and spirit.  It is also conclusive the body and mind grow in direct proportion to their connection to the spiritual dimension.  Athletes are encouraged to be disciplined in their diet and workouts, but spiritual discipline is often seen as coercive, if not oppressive.


When June and I decided to make our trip we did not want it to be a ‘destination’ or ‘vacation’ but, rather ,a ‘spiritual journey’.  At this juncture in our life, we wanted to discipline ourselves, like the athlete and many others, to have our ‘rule of life’ firm and to establish structure and growth in Godliness.


To the reader we are quick to note that spiritual practice is up to the individual Christian.  While some practices hold deep meaning for one person, a different set of practices will appeal to another.  However, it is vitally important that each believer develop a “rule of life”.  Like the athlete that has spent months, days and hours making his/her actions a part of his/her routine, so it is with the Christian who lives a spirit- filled life. We hope you will join with us on our journey.



“I am not, but I know I AM”


Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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