The Journey…….Golf In the Kingdom

Leaving Kingsport, Tennessee we traveled one of the most picturesque drives we have seen.  The lushness of the mountains provided a spectacular backdrop for the farm houses and old barns that dotted the landscape.   There is no beauty like nature……(A Patch of Godlight)

In the recent British Open Golf tourney, Tiger Woods found his golf ball lodged in the front of one of the infamous craters(sand traps) for which the tourney has become noted.  Tiger was confronted with taking a penalty for an unplayable lie or making a very unusual attempt at getting the ball out of the crater.  Tiger chose to blast the ball directly into the high wall of the crater which in turn propelled the ball backwards and a lie that was now playable.  The news commentator, in his very British accent, said;  “when you are in the kingdom (British) you must play by the rules.  WOW!  “When you are in the Kingdom, you must play by the rules.” What a statement…….Let your mind play with that thought.

Arriving at Glade Springs, a golfing community, in Daniels,  West Virginia 62 senior golfers were treated to a delightful banquet which was followed by a theatrical presentation of “Why Do Fools Fall In Love,” The music throughout the presentation was taken from the 50’s and 60’s.  Don’t tell me seniors can’t  ‘rock’.

The first day of the tourney, players are chosen at random as to whom they will play.  Within my fore-some was the number one, and the number three golfer. It only took a few holes and I realized I was in for a character building seminar. I was humbled beyond what I expected. I was determined not to let my lack of golf skills destroy the camaraderie and the beauty of the mountains and superb golf courses (three). Luckily for me the second and third day players are placed into ‘flights’ which reflect the level of play of the golfers.  In flight two, where I played, golfers of equal ‘handicaps’ played together.   This greatly helped my self esteem.  In Ancient days men would beat the ground with sticks and they called it witchcraft, today they call it golf. (Will Rogers)

June and several of the ladies traveled to Beckley, West Virginia to see an authentic coal mine.  They traveled by tram into the depths of the mine and learned the nuances of extracting coal from the earth.  Can you imagined the miners with their helmets and lights peering into the darkness and seeing this tram filled with women approaching.  They would have thought they were in Glory Land….and then can you imagine the look on their faces when they realized it was a tram filled with senior women.

Tomorrow we go to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to visit James Madison University.  Saturday we will be in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and attend a musical  presentation  of “The Legends”  The following day off to Amish country where we will stay a couple of days on a 165 acre dairy farm.



Gary and June





Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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  1. Joy Colwell Motter says:

    The movie Bagger Vance. . .in my opinion. . .is sprinkled throughout with modern day parables that startle the mind and pierce the heart. . .helping those who have “lost their swing” to be later reunited with it. . .in a glorious homecoming! May your journey. . .reunite you with those lost things that that need to be found to complete you. . .while it steers you clear of those things that need to be left behind forever.

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