Christmas is the largest celebration around the world every year.  Most holidays receive one day for recognition but Christmas has gradually expanded from the week immediately preceding Christmas day  where today it begins well before Thanksgiving.  This means Christmas is celebrated six full weeks in practically every country. WOW!! The entire world is celebrating the greatest event to ever occur–the birth of Christ.  The additional time for celebration presents an enormous opportunity to share the good news of this event.  Okay Christians, get out of your ‘holy huddles’ and let’s go share the Good News.


Granddaughter, Claire
Christmas past

Let’s begin with some history that will help us with our sharing.  The big event is easily remembered.   Every time you check your calendar or refer to a date or write one down you are using Jesus Christ as your reference (B.C. before Christ, A.D. after Christ’s death).  Think about it. Because of Jesus, every event in history and every event on your calendar is dated by how many days and years it has been since Jesus Christ appeared on earth, even your birth date is dated by His birthday.  Ponder this question –  if the birth of Christ was insignificant, why would we place our calendar and time line around the event.  Yes, you’ve got it.  The most significant event in history deserves to have a position of prominence.

The first Christmas carol sounded something like this:

                        “….do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy…………..”

Joy, that’s right, Christmas is a party.  It’s why we say “Merry Christmas”.  It’s a celebration.  Try this statement on some of your friends —  “What are you celebrating this year?”  The door of opportunity will swing open and you should walk through it with great joy.  Allow me to offer some suggestions: “ I am celebrating the  most expensive gift I have ever received”…………, “I received a gift that will last forever”…………….. “I received a gift that I will use every day for the rest of my life”…………………… All of these questions are designed to allow you to present your ‘story’ and how the gift of Christmas impacts you.  You fill in the blanks followed by “Merry Christmas.”

During the Christmas season, billions of people set aside their normal routines to decorate their homes, send greeting cards, buy gifts, go to Christmas parties, attend church services and the list goes on.  Occurring simultaneously to these events are those people for whom Christmas seems more of a hassle than a source of happiness.  It is a source of stress.  They feel pressure, not pleasure.  When it comes to Christmas, it’s a duty not a delight.  They endure Christmas rather than enjoy it.   Those of us who have  the ‘Good News’ and have accepted it  need to share with others regardless of their background, religion, problems or circumstances, that Christmas really is the best news you can get.  There is not anything more important for a person than to understand the implications of Christmas.

                                                “This is the day of the Lord’s victory,

                                    Let us be happy, let us celebrate”………………..Psalm 118:24




Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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