According to Bruce Horovitz, journalist for USA Today, Americans have stopped eating desserts. Horovitz indicates nine out of 10 people don’t have desserts with their dinner get-attachment.aspxand “if the current trend continues your children’s children won’t know what dessert is.”

WHAT! Are you kidding me? The death of dessert will be the death of me. Dessert is an obsession and has been since childhood and my first taste of banana pudding. I look forward to those family gatherings where everyone brings their favorite dish and at the end of the line “there it is” ———-the dessert table.

My family is painfully aware of my obsession with dessert. I have been known to make a sundae with more toppings than ice cream. I  looked through the Bible trying to find the verse indicating it was a blessing to have ice cream each night before going to bed. Even my car has been trained and shares my obsession with dessert by automatically turning into any Dairy Queen where an Oreo Blizzard is definitely a God send.

I read with interest a study by sweet tooth scientists at Purdue University who discovered, in two different experiments, that those who consumed sweets—such as desserts—on dates showed more interest in persons they were dating. There is a powerful link between sweets and the emotions of love.

GREAT! I have found my answer.   My friends and I wolf down dessert by the plateful for love’s sake.


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