Ramblins…………………………………………..God goes to IHOP

  The three men arrived at IHOP and were immediately escorted to their table. From their appearance the casual on-looker could surmise they were stuck in yesteryear. Not anything could be further from the truth. These three men had started to school in the get-attachment.aspxfirst grade together and for the past 55 years have made restaurants and coffee shops a part of their lifestyle and social connection.

These guys are not concerned with the size of your house, the car you drive, your political affiliation or who you slept with last night. They are, however, concerned with your heart, and if you need to be placed on ‘life’ support they will recommend a Physician.  Love your neighbor as yourself is the cornerstone of their existence.

Restaurants and coffee shops are a superb place to talk about what’s important, what makes a good life, why we should be moral and what’s really real.

When the waitress arrives her beauty is immediately noticed. A beautiful smile, coiffured hair and a warm engaging personality.  Also noticeable, at the base of her ear, making a circuitous journey down her neck. was a series of tattooed stars. It is noteworthy  to point out,  these men would make Socrates proud of the manner in which they engaged another person by never making negative comments but rather engaging with thoughtful questioning allowing everyone to be at ease. Their countenance displays the fruits of the spirit of love, joy and peace.

It is from this foundation the waitress receives a series of compliments followed by “tell us about your stars.” Unfortunately, she really didn’t have an answer.  Her comment was, “it is a very popular thing to do.” “But your natural beauty is reduced by the tattoos.” “Did you know your body is the temple of God and he already has a star!” These comments were a natural transition into the book “I Am Not, But I Know I Am.”

Finally, discussing such questions in the context of a gracious, respectful relationship goes a long way in setting the platform for robust, in-depth conversations.  Moreover, Christians should engage their non-Christian friends prayerfully in dependence on God’s Spirit to awaken, convict and provoke people to learn more.

Two hours after they arrived the three men left IHOP with cheerfulness and a waitress anxious to learn more.

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