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get-attachment.aspxOur grandson enrolled in one of Georgia’s Colleges and State Universities in the fall. After a couple of weeks he and several of his college friends went camping in one of the state parks. Arriving back at the university in the early morning he tried to go into his dormitory room as quietly as he could. After stepping out of the shower, he was surprised with a girl standing in his room. She had just gotten out of his roommate’s bed. She lived across the hall.

Genderless dormitories are the norm for college housing. After this incident I had the chance to ask a college President “why?” His answer was even more heart retching. ”it’s the way it is today, boys and girls living together.” “What about the large body of research indicating that co-habitation of different genders promotes ‘recreational sex’.” His answer, “this is going to happen regardless.” I know of one large very prestigious university where condom machines are in the bathrooms. Did I miss something?

In a very large mid-western college the volleyball coach is a lesbian. On a recent varsity match, away from the university which required overnight lodging, one of the players was assigned to room with another girl who was also a lesbian. When the young girl requested of the coach to allow her to room with a different girl the coach did not grant her permission. However, upon arrival back on campus the lady requesting the change in roommates was required to attend a series of diversity training classes.   Did I miss something?

A young middle school boy in New England was going through a series of operations to become a girl and requested to be allowed to use the girl’s restroom. His request was denied. His parents intervened and permission was granted to use a private restroom. The parents brought suit and the boy/girl now is allowed to use the girl’s restroom. Place yourself in the minds of all these girls who knew the ‘new’ girl as a boy. Did I miss something?

“But I was born this way,” is an oft-made statement. With a graduate degree in Human Growth and Development I do know anatomically homosexual and heterosexual individuals are alike, I do know there is no ‘gay’ gene, I do know the gnome within the DNA follows the same pattern for male and female. I do know the bio-chemistry for a boy and the girl are quite different and I do know the neurological function of the two genders are different. Therefore, if God is our creator did He make a mistake and give maleness, including body parts, to a girl and vice-versa?? I think not. What we are experiencing is a cultural phenomenon.

It is noteworthy, until the middle of the 1970’s the American Psychiatric Association listed homosexuality and its many facets as a sexual disorder. The medical profession has not found any reason to change this classification except political correctness.

I am not sure whether we social conservatives really meant it a generation or so ago or if we knew what we were saying when we warned the legal affirmation of homosexual behavior in its various expressions might change our society forever in ways we could not imagine. The culture has changed quickly and if tolerance is a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.



Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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