The shot had good trajectory but with a slight hook. Hitting in the fairway it rolled into the rough and high grass. My partner and I started the search, and at a distance I could see a ball. “I’ve got it,” I said with a sigh of relief. Reaching for the ball I could see inscribed on the cover was the word ‘MOJO.’ “MOJO,” I have never heard of it.” “What kind of ball is this?” “Somebody lost their MOJO.”

Have you lost your MOJO?” Over the years I have heard the term used almost in jest. “The team has lost its Mojo.” “We need to get our mojo working together.” “Man, he has got the MOJO.” Each of these statements can be defined by whatever definition you want to give it. The dictionary defines ‘mojo’ as charm, personal magic, power that allows someone to be very effective, successful. Let’s ask the question again, “have you lost your mojo?”

For the purpose of this writing I am centering my thoughts to the older generation, usually defined as over the age of 60. I hasten to add I have never thought of myself as old. However, as I observe my fellow geriatrics I observe most of the individuals in this group have one major concern……they have lost their MOJO! Secondly, the observations do not appear to be caused by external pressures , conflicts, problems or perceived failures, but by the internal responses to these pressures. To which, I have to ask, “are we our own enemy to the aging process or losing our MOJO?”

As a student and a professional in the area of human behavior, careful consideration is given to the aging process. From this less than pure research the following recommendations are made to assist in regaining your Mojo.

  • Become a Whole Person: The composition of each of us is tri-dimensional in the shape of an equilateral triangle…Body, Mind, and Spirit. All three must be addressed in order to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Writers such as C.S. Lewis firmly believe the base of the triangle is the Spirit and the other two, body and mind, grow in direct relationship to the connectivity of the spirit. Therefore, the base of the triangle is the spiritual dimension. In Lewis’ book Mere Christianity he clearly indicates there are some issues we cannot solve in and of ourselves but require direct assistance from God. Therefore, the first recommendation in maintaining your MOJO is to have an ongoing relationship with God. The key word is relationship.

create an atmosphere of health and wholeness in your family”

  • Clean Out Your Inbox: We shouldn’t feel enslaved to the desktop or smartphone notifications, and constantly checking e-mails. Our Facebook and e-mails hold messages ranging from today’s recipes to the latest football score. A clear inbox increases flexibility and allows for you to be present in the present with the ability to respond accordingly. These tools can easily cease to be tools and become addictions robbing  your mental health and your MOJO.

our growth depends not on how many experiences we devour, but how many we digest.”

  • Take a Staycation: We all need to look forward to something. A staycation is where you stay home but go someplace within a short distance during each day. Your spouse,or a special friend have breakfast or lunch in that cafe you always wanted to visit. Find that “Hallmark” town and just browse. Visit a historical spot or museum. If you enjoy people, as I do, sit on the park bench and “people watch.” Today get your annual calendar and set aside a series of ‘staycations’ for the coming year.  You can call them MOJO days.

The important thing is somehow to begin………”

Three resolutions to help put the MOJO back in your life. Remember, SPEND YOUR LIFE LIVING. Happy New Year!!!




Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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  1. Carolyn Newman says:

    That looks like one of those yummy ice cream cones that we used to get in Hilton Head!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts of wisdom – I am going to talk to Ed about getting our MOJO back!! Happy New Year & love to you & June!!

  2. Carol Anderson Malcom says:

    Hit the nail on the head!!!

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