As a young child a myth circulated throughout the community concerning a ‘boogie man’. It seems the boogie man only made his/her entry at night and only in households where there were children. Signs of this mysterious phenomenon were cracking noises inside the house, leaves and limbs on trees close to the house and other unexplainable happenings. It appeared parents had a sixth sense and knew when the boogie man was close. Parents notified their “awake” children with a warning such as “you better go to sleep or the boogie man is going to get you.” “You better stop that noise or the boogie man is going to get you.” Many nights I would lay awake listening for this mystical thing/person. There was one thing that made me unafraid and that was the light shining underneath my doorway. As long as I could see the light I was okay and not afraid. I am told many children had to go to sleep with a light on in their room.

We have just concluded one of the greatest celebrations, i.e. Christmas, we have in our annual calendar. By now, Christmas trees have been removed, wreaths stored away and the many ornaments, including a multitude of lights, are safely in place awaiting next year’s celebration. The celebration is silent……………..we cannot let it remain silent nor can we turn off the light.

We have a current day ‘boogie man.”……… Mass shootings are no longer a rare occurrence. The relentless reporting of wide spread sexual harassment dominates the news. Atheists are hell-bent on eradicating any mention of God. Drug addiction is at epidemic proportions. The possibility of nuclear war is closer than ever. These are only the tip of the iceberg….Did someone cut the light out?

My biggest concern is a culture drifting toward darkness. Negativism abounds. if  you are not sure of what I mean watch the news broadcast or other media outlets. Your psyche is filled with darkness and if your viewpoint is negative your whole body and ‘being’ will be full of darkness. Beware, it is a boogie man that will consume you and the light inside of you will become darkness. This leads to an outlook on life. If your eye is healthy (what you see and hear) your whole body will be healthy. If your eye is bad (what you see and hear) your whole body will be filled with darkness. The eye is the lamp of the body. (Matthew 6:22).

Let everyday be Christmas and let God’s light shine  through you so others might not remain in darkness.  

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Retired in 2008 after 40+ years in education/psychology as researcher, teacher, administrator and college professor.
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  1. Joyce Payne says:

    AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

  2. Gloria Chandler says:

    We all need to stand up for what we believe or we will be overcome with evil. Satan is alive and well. We need to show that God is alive and able to overcome Satan.

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